Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I found some of my old Mego action figures. Here are vintage Hulk, Captain America and The Falcon. They are from about 1972-74, from when I was doing a lot of Super-8 stop motion animation, they were replacements for my G.I. Joes that my Mom gave away. The Black Widow is from the Marvel Famous Covers, she’s Mego-ish but bigger by almost an inch, if you like them big ... she’s hot!!! I picked up a Jet Jungle repro doll. he’s a South African mix of Tarzan and Superman, pretty cool, even though he looks like a senior citizen!!! The only other figure is a cool Sigma Six Duke, he’s the Duke with jet wings figure. I was more or less just happy to find my old guys and decided to share ... I did find some other cool stuff for later!!!

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