Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Merry Christmas Baby!!!

Hey kids, it's Christmas in July (even though it's now August, it's too hot, so bear with me). It seems that Carlton Cards has put out two incredible G.I. Joe Christmas ornaments. One is based on the old Mercury capsule and space suited Joe, I remember many a splashdown in my swimming pool when I was a kid. The detail on this one is wonderful, looks like my original red haired Joe. The second is the Land Adventurer Joe from the 70s along with the mummy. He's a lot smaller than the Astronaut Joe, but he still looks great ... it would be cool if they found a way to flock his head so he could be fuzzy, but we can't have everything. Just for scale, I put together a scene with Lewis and Larry playing with the ornaments and a Sigma Six Duke and Snake Eyes to show you scale.

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Cap'n Skusting said...

Great stuff! I had that space capsule.
I think my sister has it now!
I've got a re-issue of the astronaut,
and I still have the 45rpm record that came with the original capsule.