Sunday, August 13, 2006

Size Matters!!!

One thing I am always dismayed about Action Figures is the total lack of a common size. Here are three figures that I think look great, but they are not in porportion to eachother. Thanos should be much taller than either The Cobra Commader or Hellboy, but he is not. The current batch of action figures seem to be close in size, but not right. I remember when I was a kid. my cousin and I would always ask which size guy we were gong to play with, BIG meant G.I.Joe and others his size and small meant Major Matt Mason and folks his size. It was very important to have the right size guy to play with. Now it seems like there are too many figures hat are "close" but not exactly the same size ... I dunno if it matters to anyone but me!!!


fuzzhead said...

Major Matt Mason!
I only have one & it's a repo.

They had some cool assesories too!

WarriorSigil said...

Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Going back to when I was a kid, I was anal about figures being the right size or scale to each other. Except I kinda revolved everything around the 4 inch size such as the RAH Joes, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Adventure People, etc. I owned other size figures, but I hated the fact that they couldn't interact! He-Man and the Thundercats were great, but too big. Starcom and Mask had awesome vehicles but were too small. Super Powers and Secret Wars had all my favorite super heroes, but they were just a bit big too. ARG!
This problem was actually one of the reasons I got into customizing.
Today we have some leeway in getting figures from different "universes" in similiar or the same scales, at least with some lines. We still have the small size Joes and Star Wars at 3 3/4", altho the small joes are on a bit of a hiatus. Microman from Takara is almost that size, and they have released several Batman characters, Aliens, Predator, and I hear a Superman is on the way. Alot of what Marvel puts out now, mostly Marvel Legends and Spider-Man are almost in scale with most Spawn figures, The Matrix and several other lines. But then we run into just the example you posted, Cobra Commander should be the smallest of those 3, and he's almost the biggest! I do wish these companies would scale their figures more similiarly.