Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I found some of my old Mego action figures. Here are vintage Hulk, Captain America and The Falcon. They are from about 1972-74, from when I was doing a lot of Super-8 stop motion animation, they were replacements for my G.I. Joes that my Mom gave away. The Black Widow is from the Marvel Famous Covers, she’s Mego-ish but bigger by almost an inch, if you like them big ... she’s hot!!! I picked up a Jet Jungle repro doll. he’s a South African mix of Tarzan and Superman, pretty cool, even though he looks like a senior citizen!!! The only other figure is a cool Sigma Six Duke, he’s the Duke with jet wings figure. I was more or less just happy to find my old guys and decided to share ... I did find some other cool stuff for later!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Decider

There are some pretty amazing Action Figures out there. I am amazed how anybody is fair game. I recently picked up the President George W. Bush figure. The figure comes in a very detailed flight suit, I added the pistol and sword!!! It doesn't matter where you fall on the Republican vs Democrat side, you gotta' admit he's great fodder for comedy. He does have that every guy aspect to him, but he also has that swagger that only a President can have. So, here he is, Mission Accomplished and all!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Size Matters!!!

One thing I am always dismayed about Action Figures is the total lack of a common size. Here are three figures that I think look great, but they are not in porportion to eachother. Thanos should be much taller than either The Cobra Commader or Hellboy, but he is not. The current batch of action figures seem to be close in size, but not right. I remember when I was a kid. my cousin and I would always ask which size guy we were gong to play with, BIG meant G.I.Joe and others his size and small meant Major Matt Mason and folks his size. It was very important to have the right size guy to play with. Now it seems like there are too many figures hat are "close" but not exactly the same size ... I dunno if it matters to anyone but me!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Merry Christmas Baby!!!

Hey kids, it's Christmas in July (even though it's now August, it's too hot, so bear with me). It seems that Carlton Cards has put out two incredible G.I. Joe Christmas ornaments. One is based on the old Mercury capsule and space suited Joe, I remember many a splashdown in my swimming pool when I was a kid. The detail on this one is wonderful, looks like my original red haired Joe. The second is the Land Adventurer Joe from the 70s along with the mummy. He's a lot smaller than the Astronaut Joe, but he still looks great ... it would be cool if they found a way to flock his head so he could be fuzzy, but we can't have everything. Just for scale, I put together a scene with Lewis and Larry playing with the ornaments and a Sigma Six Duke and Snake Eyes to show you scale.