Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Merry Time was had by All!!!

Yes, it’s another scene with some new figures ... some vintage, some repro. The Robin Hood and his Merry Men are a repro set from Classic TV Toys. They have a lot of really cool Mego repros ... if you missed them the first time, here’s your chance to get them. They also have a few cool original sets like their “I Love Lucy” figures in Mego scale (they are on a list of many things I want). The Joker and Aussie-looking Action Jackson are vintage Mego figures. The Action Jackson who says he is a knockoff, is just that a knockoff. He’s from 2000 and made by Playing Mantis, they also did the Captain Action repro figures that are real cool. Actually the body of this Action Jackson feels more like Kid Action than a Mego guy. Just more fun figures, hope ya like them!!!


Echo Team said...

Brine, I saw that repro Robin Hood set and regret not buying it cause it is 99.9% what I remember Robin Hood and Little John were when I had them. That Aussie AJ is super-cool. where did you get that guy? I also have the Playing Mantis AJ-inspired figs. Not exactly Mego-like, but then Again..I recall Mego stuff breaking all the time. I'm pretty sure I had the Joker too. I actually have some extra Playing Mantis AJs...lemmie know if you need some more.

BrineB said...

ET, They are all eBay finds. The Robin Hood set can be found loose for $20 usually (I don't need the boxes, I play with them). I may be interested in the PlayingMantis AJs ... I got this one for a steal on eBay!!!