Saturday, October 07, 2006

na na nana nana nana nana nana BATMAN!!!

What can you say about BatMan??? He's such a part of our psyche that every one of us has a memory of BatMan. Like most people my age, it was the 60s TV show with Adam West and Bat-Mania that followed that I remember most. I have been collecting comics for over 30 years and BatMan is still one of my all-time favorites. I can dig the swinging 60s BatMan or the dreaded Dark Knight, they all speak to me on some level. I can't really explain why, my parents weren't murdered in front of me at an early age and I am by no means a millionaire playboy.

This new DC Direct BatMan figure is another wonderful 13" beauty. He has a leather-like cape, gloves and boots. Stylistically he is closer to the original 1939 Bob Kane version than any other BatMan figure I have. My only gripe is that he's a little too big for 1/6th scale ... what is he seven feet tall?


gibri said...

13" would be a scale 6'6" so he could work for 1/6th. I'm not sure how tall Bruce Wayne was.

Nice pick-up, Brian.


gibri said...

Joes at 11 1/2 inches are a scale 5' 9"

BrineB said...

I didn't realize that Joe was so short, I always figured he was 5'11" ... now I have to rethink my entire childhood!!!