Friday, March 21, 2008

Eagle Eye

The people at Cotsworld ( have added an Eagle Eye Action Man to their 40th Anniversary Action Man line. As most people know, Action Man is G.I. Joe's British counterpart, but the action figure line outlived the original G.I. Joe line and was pretty unique. I never got an Eagle Eye G.I. Joe, by the time they were released I was into my misspent youth and had left action figures behind (fortunately I did eventually come to my senses and return to them later in life).

The actual Eagle Eye Action Man is pretty cool!!! There is a little tab on the back of his head that you use to move his eyes, kinda cool!!! He has a slightly more muscular body than the standard Action Man/G.I. Joe which I like quite a lot. The only thing that is a bit odd about him is that he has a surprised look at all times, kinda like he had a face lift ... not enough to stop liking him though!!!

I also got the new Hasbro Repulsor-Power Iron Man figure, he's a tie-in with the new movie coming out soon. The figure looks more like the movie version than the comic book version, but he's still cool. If you push the button in the middle of his chest, he lights up and talks. Definitely fun stuff!!!

So, what do you do when you get some new figures??? You put them in a little story to introduce them!!!

So, here's Eagle Eye Action Man and Iron Man, you also get a later day Action Man and Max Steel for some added fun!!!

Remember if you click on the pix they grow!!!

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