Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crime Scene Antics

Some Power Team police figures are on the scene with a Hot Topic Land Adventurer G.I. Joe. There seems to be a communication problem. Is Joe dead???

Coming along for the ride are the DC Direct 13" Power Girl. She's a pretty cool figure, my only complaint is that her flesh colored leg covering is baggy and wrinkles. I do like her face and overall look ... she captures the feel of Power Girl.

She is followed by the DC Direct 13" Catwoman. I love her fake leather outfit and mask. She is probably the best DC Direct figure to date. She looks like the Darwyn Cooke inspired version of Catwoman that is currently the "look" in the comics.

The DC Direct 13" Nightwing is next and he's a great version of the character, many think he's too "Brad Pitt" pretty-boy looking, but that doesn't bother me. I like that his mask is removeable!!

I then followed up with a custom African American Atomic Man, he's a modern Joe made to be similar to the vintage Mike Power figure. Which leads to my vintage Mike Power, Atomic Man.

Watch the mayhem and silly banter!!!

This is more another shameless excuse to show off some of my newer figures than anything else, but I hope you enjoy them!!!

Remember, if you click on the pictures, they grow!!!


Manetoys said...

OMG That's pretty funny!

figurepornography said...

Laughed my head off!!!!