Monday, May 26, 2008

Indy at the HQ

Well, I got the new Hasbro Indiana Jones 1/6th figures. Here's a little story to show off Indy, Mutt, The German Officer and the Cairo Swordsman. I'm a little let down by the talker and Mutt ... they are pretty much one-trick ponies!!! In any event, I hope ya dig this!!!

Remember,if you click on the pics they get bigger!!!


Maynard said...

Brine, that's just too cool for school!

figurepornography said...

Charming story, and agree with your comment about the Indy figure, as I got one on Thursday.

To be honest, was mainly for the revolver and some of the accessories that came with it, rather than the figure itself.

Still, will see what a bit of kit-bashing might do for him, eh???

Keep up the good work.