Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hey Ho, Let's GO!!!!

Just seeing if this thing works


fuzzhead said...

"Hey Ho, Let's Go!"

Ramones fan? :)

BrineB said...

Ramones, NY Dolls, Dead Boys, Clash and most 70s punk ... I spent a lot of time at CBGBs and Max's Kansas City.

Echo Team said...

Congratulations on your Blog Brine!!
Would you like to be listed at REJECT, ETHQ Blog, etc. ?
Man, I just about gave up on trying to recruit joe-heads onto the Blog Wagon....but you gave me new inspiration...Blog On!

Echo Team said...

Ah,what the heck...I added the listing:)
Almost forgot to send an invite from REJECT to BrineB
(If I remember how:p )

BrineB said...


Any cool links to blogs you can send me and I'll put them on the side. I started with a few.